Purchase Management

Purchase Management

The purchase receipt issued by a customer is a commercial source document that is assigned to the company purchasing department when it makes an order with its suppliers or vendors.This document lays out kinds of items, amount, and price to be acquired. It is written between the buyer and seller when purchasing products. Automatically send emails requesting RFQs to your suppliers to meet your inventory needs when your inventory stock dips below a desired level. Improve your delivery system for ordering and inventorying goods by learning from your past procurement behaviors, rules, sales orders, manufacturing orders, and other strategies.

Supplier price lists & product availability

Make smart purchase decisions using the best prices.

Easily import suppliers’ price lists and reference lists to make more effective purchase decisions based on your manufacturers’ promos, quantities, and special contract terms. Keep an eye on a product availability from a customer supplier in the stock of your provider and verify your order status within the user app itself. You can also base your sale price on your supplier’s prices.

Get the best offer with purchase tenders

Get the best price by negotiating with several vendors.

Evaluate purchase order centers on vendors’ proposals, launch purchase tenders, and integrate their solutions to ensure the most efficient purchasing option is chosen. Select the plump offer and send purchase orders easily. Use reporting to research vendors’ quality later on.

You might use a Blanket Order Agreement to purchase items from a seller at a predetermined price, on a recurring basis for the immediate future.

Get statistics on your purchases

Breakdown and analyze, forecast, and efficiently plan demands.

Sell your suppliers’ products for a fair profit through analytics that taxes and provides flexible updates on their provisions. Include accounting evaluations with your accounting integrations to analyze your contracts’ profitability.

Manage several companies

Save time and effort thanks to Cosmic ERP multi company rules.

Work with a single Cosmic ERP instance to generate invoices, share customers, suppliers and products, and manage product descriptions and orders. You can also simplify activities by automating the invoicing process across all organizations.

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